Sue Palmer

Course Title – Let’s talk grammar (TBC)

Sue Palmer
Sue Palmer

This literacy course aimed at leaders and teachers will help schools meet staff development needs and contribute to raised standards.

Sue Palmer is an ex-headteacher, writer, teacher and independent literacy consultant.

She is well-known to early years practitioners and primary teachers throughout the UK as an independent literacy specialist, and provider of courses on the teaching of writing, grammar and spelling.

She is also the author of many TV programmes on aspects of literacy, as well as children’s poems, stories and non-fiction.Having contributed to several National Literacy Strategy training packages, Sue provides consultancy to a wide range of organisations, including educational publishers, the BBC and the Basic Skills Agency.

She also writes regularly for the Times Educational Supplement and other educational journals.

The National Curriculum for English is awash with linguistics-informed grammar and the SPAG tests are based on its statutory requirements for grammar teaching.

This course interweaves what Sue has learned about language, literacy and learning with coverage of the NC requirements for grammar and punctuation, including a wealth of ideas for teaching it with children aged five to 12.

Sue now lives in Scotland and visits to the UK are not as common.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a highly acclaimed expert on literacy and reserve your place today.